Place: Sant Jaume de Llierca



Welcome at Summer Camp 2008’s wiki

Summer Camp 2008 will take place at “La Garrotxa” the 4, 5 and 6th July in a town called Sant Jaume de Llierca.

It is dark, my fingers move at a musical rhythm, the screen light is my reference point, characters and more characters appear in a few key presses, my brain chooses the information that I need.

A delay, I hear and listen to night animals, I look around and there is absolute calm, I look above and see stars, I coddle them and I think about my own insignifigance, I take a deep breath and swallow it, and a feeling of satisfaction runs through my veins and an image comes to my mind of a virtual world where omnipresence is possible, where the most wealthy is not the most powerful, where after a disconnection exists a reconnection, where the way of transport is electricity and the ticket a terminal.

When I awake from the dream and I see that I’m in the same place, I desire the dream comes true.

Till July!